The Happenings


This is how I see the weekend, although there is no pressure to do everything! We ask that you participate in the opening and closing circles as this is where we set the magic. We don’t begin until all have arrived 🙂

We are always open to flow and ideas popping up or things needing to take a different turn.

The vision looks like:

Friday Evening

Group Introduction Circle intention setting for the weekend.

Each woman will share, letting the group know where you are. This is how the magic web is woven, by identifying our “matching pictures” so our conversations organically heal each other. It’s the magic of the sisterhood!

Elemental Meditation with Sounds

Over the weekend, you’ll be invited to take extra notice to the elements and your relationship to them. Being in balance with your earth, air, fire and water means finding emotions, beliefs, griefs etc. that we may be holding and allowing them to process & release.

Earth is your root, your sense of belonging and survival. By being grounded all weekend with a community and nurtured by it you are nourishing this element. We will invite “earthwalking” barefoot on the beach 🙂

Air is your breath. Your words. By sharing with one another our truths and practicing breath to movement exercises we will nourish this element and the body connection. We will invite sitting in the wind, being with, noticing and connecting to it.

Fire is your digestion. Your transformations. Your power. By being in community, by showing up, by declaring that which you don’t need any longer and *deciding* to let it go you will nourish this element. We will invite you to write down the things you are ready to transform and burn them in the firepit!

Water is your emotions. Your flow. By being in this nurtured, held, honest space you can greet yourself and check in with your emotions. Give them time to surface, be seen, be held…processed and released. There is an invitation for individual bath time, as well as having a sit with the ocean.

*AFTER THE MEDITATION* an invitiation to quietly go about your evening.

Plenty of time for a stroll to the beach for stargazing, sitting in the backyard by the fire, soaking in a hot bath or lounging by the fireplace. Take time to just be 🙂

There will be a divination corner set up with oracle and tarot cards for solo inquiry sessions. (and plenty of sisters to spitball the results if need be!)



Saturday & Sunday mornings:

Gentle Yoga Practice led by Mama Shoop

A Movement Ritual Catered to You

A yoga inspired class that includes a group check in and incorporates poses to address everyone’s body concerns. Special attention is given to breath. We focus on breath to movement & breath in stillness to cultivate the mind~ body~ spirit connection. You will leave feeling inspired to continue curating your very own perfect private practice. We’ll decide location, perhaps one day a beach session.

Saturday afternoon:

Life/Art Proces with Shoop

Diving into art therapy further, Shoop draws inspiration from the Life/Art Process® which involves a 5 step process of Identification, Confrontation, Release, Change and Growth. We’ll meditate further into what is showing up in our lives (what we think about is what we are working on) and do a bit of free writing. You’ll then be invited to partner & dance each other’s drawings and words, allowing each participant to witness their work being interpreted. You’ll then be invited to add to your art if inspired by the sharing. To finish we each dance our paintings for one another, and then leave them on display so we have a little art show. Sharing and seeing each other’s work. Journaling time afterwards for further processing is also given. Quiet time afterwards for reflection, soaking, napping before dinner etc.

Saturday evening:

We’ll head to the beach for a sunset chakra open eyed meditation.

After Dinner ~ we’ll tuck into a restorative practice and have a relaxing, rejuvenating sound bath with aromatherapy & reiki attunements

Beyond this, downtime is again yours to find what feels good for you 🙂

Sunday morning:




Are you ready to enter the sisterhood?