Will everyone have a bed?
Yes. Each sleepover is a unique and different set up. The specifics will be posted within the event page, however we always have a bed for everyone, no floor or couch option. Sometimes you may share a larger bed, and will most likely be in the same room with other ladies. Some of our events have solo room options. If you should have any special requests around this please ask. It’s about nurturing, so we’d like to be sure you are happy.

Do I need to bring bedding?
No, however if you have a special pillow or something that you absolutely need to sleep well bring that.

Is this for women only?
Yes, unless otherwise specified as a special couple or family event, our sleepovers are for the ladies. We also respectfully ask that no one bring a significant other, unless it’s a specified couple’s retreat. The purpose of the sleepover is to get away from your day to day life and unplug from being a couple, a mom, etc.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, one must be at least 18 years to come alone or 13-17 with an adult.

Do I have to participate in everything that is offered?
Absolutely not. The timeline is there for you as options. If you choose to have a nap, take a walk or do your own thing we honor this.

What about alcohol or cannabis?
We are definitely not having a rager, but you are welcome to bring anything you enjoy relaxing with. On occasion we may serve wine or champagne, but we generally keep alcohol off the menu. There also may be cannabis products available at various events. All things are options, and again…you are more than welcome to respectfully bring whatever you like.

Suggested packing list :
Comfy clothes
Yoga mat
Small blanket (if you have- there will be some there but the more the merrier for sound bath)
Pillow (same- there will be pillows but more is nice for restorative yoga practice & if you love yours like I do mine, bring it & be happy)
Eye pillow (eye covers will be available)
Any thing else you need to be cozy.

Part of your payment is for food, so if there are restrictions or requests please make them on your registration form. We are happy to honor your heart’s desires in the kitchen. There will be snacks (fresh fruit, nuts etc) and tea available for you at all times + you’ll be fed a vegetarian dinner on Friday and Saturday, Saturday lunch + light oatmeal or granola breakfast with coffee and tea.

We use only the freshest, organic, ethically sustained products for our events.

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