The Digs

We have a sweet little home in the Oxnard Dunes area with a beach view balcony, fireplace and bathtub for nice long soaks.

Stylish beach décor,  hardwood and tile flooring, four bedrooms and three outdoor spaces as well as a beautiful open kitchen and living room give us plenty of space to both connect and have alone time. Not to mention the beach is just a short walk :”)

There is an outdoor shower so you can feel free to get yourself all beached up and then rinse in the gorgeous sunshine!

In the evening, gather at the backyard fire pit or relax on the two loungers by the fountain. Later, head up to
the rooftop deck and kick back on the double lounger to watch the stars come out.

The plan with this house is to have the master suite
*which is upstairs with the bathtub for soaking & balcony for ocean,sky and stargazing*
as a communal area for naps and baths. Our own little spa.
This will be staff sleeping quarters at night. 
The available guest space includes 2 Queen rooms. One has a door to the backyard and the other a small private bathroom inside.
There is a room with 4 twin bunk beds so you can go right back to childhood! haha Were you a top or bottom sleeper? I had years of both.
Single twin or shared Queen sleeping space: $369 per person
Solo Queen room: $599
We have payment plans!!!
Check the registration page and if you have a different proposal don’t be shy to ask. Mama wants you there!
What you receive:
*quiet spot in a beautiful house for the night with unlimited access to the beach
*undivided attention from Mama Shoop
*5 healthy meals
*guided yoga practices ~ 2 hatha/yin + 1 yin/restorative/nidra
*guided meditation
*sound bath
*Reiki attunement + hands on healing
*blessed giftbag
*your artwork, if you choose to create
*priceless connections, guidance & revelations


Are you ready to join the Sisterhood?