The Story

The Origins of the
Self-Care Sleepover


The self care sleepover started out because I would always say

“I wish we had more time, let’s just sleepover tonight” at the end of classes.

I also have had the privilege of assisting on some beautiful week long retreats to South America, and many of the people that wanted to come simply felt they couldn’t leave their homes/families/jobs that long for various reasons. So I decided to create weekend retreats for ladies who live busy lives with jobs and families to be able to step away for just 24-36 hours. The idea is to rest, recharge, share, discover, explore, reset, witness, heal all in the magic bubble I create for the group. It starts with me researching the perfect place. Ideally we need to have all elements available to mediate with: a piece of earth, a fire, water to soak and cleanse in and of course the air is here with us always.

The weekend is yours to rest, soak, partake in activities or not, have a bath, a nap, a snack, journal a bit, visit divination corner and pull a tarot or Oracle card to further inquire & explore. You are taken care of in every possible way, given space to be, fed, led through meditations, space for contemplation and always an ear or a hug if you need it.

You will experience art thearpy as well as a soft, restorative yoga class in the evening accompanied with aromatherapy, reiki and soft sounds. Each guest will receive a moment of hands on healing and a reiki attunement blessing from me.

In the mornings, a more invigorating, yet still soft and with ease, yoga inspired movement practice will be led for anyone who wishes to continue their morning yoga practice or perhaps get inspired to begin one.

Meals are always healthy and catered to dietary restrictions. There will always be water, tea, coffee and snacks available.

All self lovers receive a Sleepover Schwag Bag 🙂

Dancing with the sisterhood is a much more organic experience. I draw inspiration from the Life/Art Process® which involves a 5 step process of Identification, Confrontation, Release, Change and Growth. The process is achieved through drawing, painting, writing, dancing and witnessing. It’s so beautiful and powerful every time . I cherish these brave gorgeous raw open circles of women sharing.

There is always some sort of art/craft element and always a focus on nature/elements.

We begin and end the event with a sharing circle.

This is when the Magic starts!! These are the only 2 *required* activities.

Ladies find exactly what they needed to hear, through shared experience and connection.

It always happens every time: complete magic, people’s mind’s getting blown by who they meet, what they find out, what they realize.

It’s why I do it and want to keep it going.

It’s the modern day Red Tent and we need it.

The women need each other.

Are you ready to join the Sisterhood?